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BiPAP is the short for Bilevel Positive Airway pressure. It has especially been designed to treat patients suffering from lung and respiratory diseases. The term COPD is often used to refer to such diseases. It stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. These diseases cause breathing difficulty which can be eased with the help of the BiPAP machine. Earlier this special machine was only installed in hospitals. Patients had to visit the hospital in order to avail BiPAP therapy. However, the advanced versions of this machine are available now and these can be used at home too. BiPAP machines are known to improve the quality of life of the patients suffering from COPD.

Blue Ocean MedTech (BOMT) is one of the best companies that provides BiPAP machine in Delhi. The machines available here are high on quality and reasonably priced.

Why Choose BiPAP Machine for Lung Diseases?

Those suffering from lung diseases often experience breathing difficulties. Wheezing and breathlessness are quite common in these diseases. These problems aggravate with time in most of the cases. The condition of a patient gets serious during the times he/she experiences breathing difficulty. This can be life-threatening if proper medical aid isn’t given immediately. It is difficult to rush to the hospital each time a patient suffers from breathing difficulty. Sometimes, the patients cannot even make it to the hospital. There have been instances where the patients lose consciousness on their way to the hospital as the breathing difficulty gets severe. This is why there is need for a machine that can offer instant relief from the dysfunctional breathing pattern at home or on the go. BiPAP is indeed the best solution.

BiPAP machine works on two levels. It has an air pressure for when the patient inhales and another air pressure for when he/she exhales. The machine soothes the lungs and chest wall muscles thereby providing instant relief.

BiPAP therapy helps exchange carbon dioxide with the life-giving oxygen. BiPAP machine ensures a constant flow of oxygen which is what our lungs crave for. A steady flow of oxygen allows the lungs to transport oxygen to the rest of the body with ease and remove excess carbon dioxide.

It is safe to use BiPAP machine at home. This is why more and more doctors around the world are recommended its use. COPD patients are suggested to keep a BiPAP machine handy at all time. The machine alone cannot cure the problem but it can certainly speed up the recovery process. In addition to the BiPAP therapy, it is essential to take the prescribed medicines to cure lung diseases.

BiPAP machines also cure obstructive sleep apnea.

How to Use BIPAP Machine for Lung Diseases?

If you are planning to purchase a BiPAP machine to treat lung disease at home then you should know how to use it appropriately. Here is all you need to know to use this machine for lung diseases:

  • BiPAP machines are fitted with tubing and a mask to help the patients use it with ease.
  • Advanced BiPAP machines come with a breath timer. This timer adapts to the pattern of your breath thereby making it easier to use. It resets the level of pressurized air automatically when required.
  • BiPAP therapy can be given to the patients while they are awake as well as during sleep. 

Steps to use BiPAP machine:

  1. Just put the mask on your nose or mouth to get two levels of pressurized air. 
  2. Check the edges of the mask after you fix it to make sure it is properly clasped and fitted to the face. It is necessary to fix the mask appropriately else it would not be possible to maintain the prescribed air pressure and this will affect your breathing.
  3. You will receive one pressure level as you inhale.
  4. Lower pressure will be delivered as you exhale.

These simple steps will help ease your breath. The machine is designed in a way that it resets the level of pressurized air automatically to keep the breathing level on target.

While the steps to use the BiPAP machine are simple, it is recommended to seek help from your doctor the first time you try to affix it on your face and use it to ease your breathing pattern.

BiPAP Machine in Delhi

BiPAP machine has proved to be highly beneficial for patients suffering from lung and respiratory diseases. The growing amount of pollution has led to the increase in the number of lung and respiratory disease cases. Several people, especially those living in the metropolitans, have fallen prey to these health conditions. This has led to increase in the demand of BiPAP machines. While most dealers are cashing in on the problem, Blue Ocean MedTech believes in providing these cost to cost so that more and more patients can afford this and cure their condition.

BiPAP machine price in Delhi is quite high. This is because this is one of the most polluted places around the world. The cases of lung diseases registered here are extremely high and so is the demand for this machine. It is no brainer that increasing demand of a commodity often results in increase in its price. If you are looking for a reasonably priced BiPAP machine in Delhi then head straight to Blue Ocean MedTech. You can also order this machine online by logging on to their site. So, those living outside the national capital can also buy the BiPAP machine from BOMT. 

It would not be wrong to call the BiPAP machine a life saver for those suffering from lung diseases. People undergoing treatment for lung and respiratory disease swear by this handy machine.