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Humidifier for VIVO 30/40

Humidifier for VIVO 30/40

Enhance respiratory care with HA 20, an integrated heated humidifier especially designed to be used with the iSleep and Vivo 30/40 devices. The HA20 is integrated with the iSleep and Vivo devices, in design and in function.

When connected to an iSleep or Vivo device, all HA 20 operations are monitored and supervised through the navigation structure on the device.

HA 20 delivers the form and function you need

  • Heated humidification
  • Accessory to Vivo 30/40
  • Designed to integrate with Vivo 30/40
  • Activated and controlled via Vivo 30/40
  • No separate power cord required
  • Easy to connect and remove
  • Easy to clean
  • Separate water chamber