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GK H2O Humidifier For EcoStar

GK H2O Humidifier For EcoStar

Product Features

Improve Comfort and CPAP Compliance

For CPAP patients experiencing upper airway dryness, Sefam offers a mist of relief with the GoodKnight H2O Heated Humidifier. Designed for used with the EcoStar GoodKnight 420 Series CPAP System or, the GoodKnight H2O Heated Humidifier increases air humidity, reducing patient dryness in the nose and throat. By improving comfort, it may help promote patient compliance with sleep apnea treatment. In addition, the humidifier features a small footprint that fits neatly with EcoStar GoodKnight sleep the rapy devices, creating the smallest, lightest, CPAP/heated humidifier on the market.


  • HumidControl FeatureThe HumidControl feature ensures a consistent temperature difference between the water and ambient air to minimize condensation in the tubing (“rain out”) and keep the humidification level constant throughout the night
  • Space-saving designAdds only 3 inches to the length of EcoStar sleep therapy device.
  • Easy to CleanComes with a detachable, dishwasher safe water chamber for trouble-free maintenance.
  • Each to useFeatures a rotary button that allows patients to adjust heating level.