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It’s a common fact that good night sleep is an indispensable part of a healthy existence. It is only while we are sleeping that our nobody gets the time to heal and repair. However, if you are facing difficulty in sleeping through the night and wake up in the middle of the night or have different kinds of troubles, chances are that you might have been affected by the ailment of sleep apnea. During breathing, the airways in the pharynx are open, and it’s normal for these muscles to relax a bit, but if these muscles expand more than required and become the reason for blocking the airways, it creates a shortage of oxygen in the lungs eventually waking up the person. Naturally, due to the lack of oxygen, a person tries to breathe in consciously and re-saturate the blood with oxygen to sleep again. This process of cessation of breathing is repeated many times during the night causing disturbance and disrupted sleep. This condition of disturbed sleep due to interrupted breathing can be defined as sleep apnea.

Unfortunately, the ailment of sleep apnea despite being highly prevalent remains mostly undiagnosed in India. Usually, the initial symptoms of sleep apnea are diagnosed by family members who can notice the disturbing sleeping patterns while a person is asleep. Even though there are no tests and other procedures that can be done to diagnose this problem, physicians mostly analyze this problem based on the symptoms, physical health and family history described by the patient.

Even though distuned sleep, snoring and irregular breathing are some of the most common symptoms of this problem, a person suffering from sleep apnea faces a lot of other difficulties as well. Repeated cycles of sleepless nights mean that a person will mostly be in a state of fatigue, tiredness, and irritability. Disturbed sleep is one of the biggest reasons behind poor concentration, decreased attentiveness, headaches, fatigue, etc. therefore it becomes essential that as a prevention form this ailment we adopt the various effective measures available in the market which ensures relief to a great extent form this problem.

There are some old and conservative theories that can be effective for managing sleep apnea that your physician is likely to recommend. points, like avoiding supine positions while sleeping, avoiding sedatives, quitting smoking and maintaining a healthy life cycle, can be helpful to some extent. But one of the most effective ways to cure this problem is by means of using the sleep apnea machines. CPAP( continuous positive airway pressure ). This machine uses a hose and a mask to provide constant and steady air pressure which automatically results in easy and regular breathing every night while you sleep. A CPAP machine is without a doubt one of the best ways to increase the pressure of air in your throat to prevent your airway from collapsing when you inhale.

The CPAP machine comes with a mask that covers your nose and mouth. You can easily find some of the best sleep apnea mask in Delhi.  To make the most of this machine and ensure a good night sleep make sure that the mask is comfortable and fits you well. Once your physician has prescribed the use of CPAP  you can get it easily installed with the help of the experts and bring positive changes in your life and health.

It is rather a big relief to know that some of the best sleep apnea treatments in Delhi have been highly beneficial to a lot of people suffering from this problem. 

If you feel that the mask is like an obstruction and makes you uncomfortable at night, then you can try wearing it for some time during the day time so that you can get the feel of it and reduce your struggle with it while you are sleeping. Using the CPAP machines regulate your sleeping methods and drastically helps you in feeling a tremendous change in your energy level through the days. Other then the machines, it is also really important that you maintain a check on your weight, your smoking addictions, caffeine, and alcohol intake and try to exercise as regularly as possible.