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Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines help in providing effective treatment to obstructive sleep apnea – a serious sleep disorder in which breathing frequently stops and starts. The machines are highly recommended by patients who had felt significant improvement in their sleep after using them. There are multiple kinds of CPAP machines available in the market, but before putting your hands on one, you must conclude whether the therapy would work for you or not and if the answer is yes, then how well it will work for you. 

Choosing the right CPAP machine and mask can be a little tricky when it comes to comfort. It might happen with you that you get puzzled while choosing a machine that provides you effective treatment along with great comfort. So, we are mentioning a few factors that you can consider before buying a CPAP machine:

  • Portability: If you are the one who loves to travel or have to travel for days to meet your professional commitments, then choose a machine that is compact and lightweight so that you don’t have to buy another machine for your travel purposes. Also, make sure that the machine comes with multi-plug in adapters, so it can easily be inserted in different types of sockets.


  • Noise: With technological advancement, almost all the CPAP machines are made in such a way that they produce minimum sound while functioning. If you want less sound during your sleep, then don’t forget to check the decibel level of the machine you are going to buy.


  • Humidifier: When air is continuously blown into your airways, your throat may sometimes feel dry. That’s the reason why almost all the CPAP machines are now coming with a humidifier that adds moisture to the therapy air. The humidifier can also be separated from the machine easily in case you want moisture-free therapy air.


  • Exhalation Pressure Relief: For normal and easier breathing, choose a machine with exhalation pressure relief feature that will help you to exhale your breath against the pressurized air.


  • Leak Compensation: This feature helps in compensating the airflow in case there is a leak in the mask for any reason and ensure that you are getting the set pressure of air at all times.


  • Ramp: At first, it is a little difficult to adapt to the instant airflow of your pressure settings, especially when you require slightly high pressure. A ramp is a brilliant feature of the sleep apnea machine that allows gradual building-up of the set pressure to provide comfort to the user.


  • Tubing: To keep the therapy air at a constant temperature, choose a machine that is equipped with a small heating coil in the tubing which connects the machine to the mask. It will aid in eliminating the condensation process that takes place in the tube and mask and results in moisture dripping onto the user’s face.


  • Recording of data: Many sleep apnea machines now come with a feature of recording data and also provide multiple information such as leak rates, pressure changes, hypopnea events, apnea events, and others that helps you to monitor your treatment progress.

Once you have considered all the above factors, here comes the most important factor that you should definitely keep in mind before finalizing the CPAP machine, and that is your Sleep Apnea Mask. 

Choose a CPAP mask that meets all your requirements as well as maximize your comfort level. There are different masks available that differ on the basis of size, style, and shape, and choosing the one that suits your sleep position, breathing needs, and other sleep habits is still a task. So here, we are mentioning three major types of CPAP mask styles that will help you make the best choice:

  • Nasal Pillow Mask: Nasal Mask is lightweight and small in size, and covers minimal part of the face to deliver a natural airflow. It is the smallest CPAP mask with two tubes that are inserted in nostrils to supply pressurized air for better and more comfortable sleep. But, if you require high-pressure settings, then a nasal pillow mask is not an ideal choice.


  • Nasal Mask: Triangular-shaped nasal mask covers the bridge of the nose to the upper lip area of your face and has the ability to deliver high-pressure air settings. It comes is a vast array of sizes to give a perfect fit to different users and also allows you to move freely in your sleep.


  • Full Face Mask: As the name suggests, the full face mask covers the major part of the face i.e., mouth and nose. It has side straps that help in keeping it in place. The mask works well in high-pressure settings.

Use all the above-mentioned information to get the best CPAP machine in Delhi and cure your sleep apnea disorder.