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Oxygen cylinders are being used in various medical procedures since the last few centuries. These are used to provide uninterrupted supply of oxygen to the patients during/ as a part of various treatments. With the increasing number of medical treatments requiring constant flow of oxygen, the need for an advanced technique to maintain this flow was felt. Oxygen concentrators were soon introduced as an answer to the same.

Many companies are providing oxygen concentrator as well as other parts of the country especially in the metropolitan cities. This is because the pollution level in these cities is higher and hence the requirement for these devices is more.

Oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators have both been designed to provide oxygen therapy to patients who are unable to get adequate amount of oxygen on their own. While both of these devices have been accomplishing the desired task successfully, the later is known to have an edge over the former.

Here is how portable oxygen concentrator is better than oxygen cylinder:

  • Continuous Supply of Oxygen

An oxygen concentrator takes air from the surroundings, purifies it by removing nitrogen and other gases to provide oxygen rich air to the patients. This is why it never runs out of oxygen as long as there is any kind of air available around. This is quite unlike the oxygen cylinders that have a fixed amount of oxygen compressed within. When it comes to an oxygen cylinder, the supply of oxygen slowly reduces and finishes completely as the patients use it. However, this is not the case with the oxygen concentrator as it constantly draws air from the atmosphere, purifies it and supplies it for use. So, a concentrator offers a continuous supply of oxygen.

  • No Need to Refill

An oxygen concentrator is equipped with a mechanism that generates rich oxygen on its own by removing other gases. It does not require a refill. An oxygen cylinder, on the other hand, runs out of oxygen as soon as the gas it contains is used. It cannot generate the gas on its own. Thus, it requires regular refill. The task can be quite taxing. One requires keeping a track of oxygen left in the cylinder at all times and rush to get it refilled as it finishes.

  • Light Weight; Portable

An oxygen concentrator does not require storing pressurized oxygen and thus there is no need to create its body using heavy metal. It is light weight and hence makes for a great choice, particularly for frequent travellers. It is also ideal for home use. Medtech oxygen concentrator is exceptionally light and easy to carry as well as use.

An oxygen cylinder, on the other hand, is bulky. It can be extremely difficult to manage it at home. Using it on the go is just not advisable.

  • Safe to Use

The cases of cylinder leak are quite common and its hazardous repercussions are known to all. An oxygen cylinder can leak at any time. In case, a fire ignites in such a situation, it can be really difficult to extinguish it as oxygen is highly inflammable. Using oxygen cylinder can thus be a risky business. Besides, you will be at loss as you will require a refill/replacement soon.

Oxygen concentrators, on the other hand, do not involve any such risk. They generate oxygen as and when required. You do not have to worry about oxygen leak and the risk it involves.

  • Cost Effective

An oxygen concentrator is cost effective as compared to an oxygen cylinder. You pay the entire amount up front when it comes to a concentrator. There is no need to spend much on it regularly. It is easy to maintain so doesn’t involve any maintenance cost either. This is quite unlike the oxygen cylinder that requires regular refill. In addition to making upfront payment to purchase the cylinder, the buyers require spending regularly to get it refilled (and replaced, at times). Oxygen cylinders also demand maintenance and a substantial amount needs to be spent on the same.

Oxygen concentrator price in Delhi may be higher as compared to other places as it is in high demand here. However, you can get one at a reasonable rate at Blue Ocean Medtech.

  • Choice of Size

Unlike oxygen cylinder, concentrators are available in different sizes, styles and models for diverse use. You can lay hands at big models for use at hospitals, smaller ones for home and compact, easy-to-carry models for travel purpose. Different sizes and designs have been made available to suit the requirements of different users.

So, we see portable oxygen concentrators offer numerous advantages over oxygen cylinders and are thus undoubtedly better than the later. If you are looking for a high quality portable oxygen concentrator then go for one available at Blue Ocean Medtech. The models available here are durable, easy to use and reasonably priced and we are also provide Cpap and Bipap machines in Delhi.